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Frequently Asked Questions

Paintless Dent Repair FAQs

What is Paintless Dent Repair or PDR?

Paintless Dent Repair (also known as PDR) is the technique of gently massaging the metal surface from the back side of the dented panel to remove the damage back to a pre-loss condition. This process allows for the repairs to be done in most cases without the need to repaint or replace the damaged panels. The process of PDR is much safer and faster than the conventional auto body repair method.

Do you provide mobile dent repair services?

Yes, we do offer mobile services. On dent repairs of $150-$300 within 20 miles of our shop location. Most dent repairs greater than $300 will need to be repaired in the shop due to length of time and possible special techniques and tools required to complete the repair.

What are the benefits of using PDR vs. conventional repair?

1. Faster repair process saves you time. 2. In most cases, PDR can be more cost-effective than conventional repair. 3. PDR is a much less invasive repair to the vehicle. 4. PDR can help to save or maintain your factory seals, corrosion protection and paint finish. 5. PDR most of the time will not show up on a CARFAX report unless an insurance claim is filed.

Can you repair dents in plastic bumpers?

Yes, but on a case-by-case basis. We have had great success in repairing or removing dents that are in plastic bumpers.

Can you repair dents in steel or chrome bumpers?

No, steel and chrome bumpers are generally too thick for the repair tools and processes we use.

Can you repair dents in motorcycle tanks and fenders?

Yes, we have specialized tools and stands to help us access and repair most motorcycle dents.

Will PDR void my manufacturer’s warranty?

No. PDR is actually highly preferred and recommended by most vehicle manufacturers and insurance companies.

Can you repaint over vehicle damage?

No. We do not provide a paint refinish service. However, for light chips or small scratches, we can apply a factory color touch-up paint. Note that this touch-up will not deliver a perfect finish like pre-damaged condition, nor will it last a long time.

Will insurance cover my PDR repairs?

Yes. PDR is preferred by most insurance companies as a valid repair process.

Will you work with my insurance company to get approval for repair work?

We work with all major insurance companies in our local areas. However we do not accept any claims with The General Automobile Insurance Services Inc. (aka “The General”) company.

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