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KCL Creations, LLC. is a family owned and operated  company offering custom paint, airbrush and paintless dent repair. Here is a little history about this company. 

As a child I always had a passion for art.  Sitting in school drawing in my text books, note books, on the desk, whatever I could doodle on I would.  Sometimes ending up in trouble for it, but it was a joy of mine.  Later in life I turned my passion for art into a passion of lowriders.  I was always amazed at the art that was displayed on the cars, trucks or even motorcycles, mesmerized at times.  My passion of art soon grew into a passion for cars, as most teens would.  My first car was a 1984 Mustang GT hatch.  And naturally I tried to pimp it out, epic fail.  I honestly think my parents wanted to beat me for what I did to that car.  As I grew up I slowly found my niche in the custom car scene, slowly building a 1998 mustang from a stock yellow car to a wild exotic looking beast.  By this time I found a new passion, a passion of two wheels.  Not sure what it was about the joy of the wind in your face and beast of power between your legs.  Still to this day I cannot fully describe the joy of the ride. I soon found myself again merging my passion of art in with my passion of motorcycles.  My first motorcycle was a 2003 Buell Firebolt.  I paid a friend of mine to paint the plastics a burnt orange color. After which I laid out a simple old school style flame design and had him spray the flames cobalt blue.  That’s when it began.  From that point on I was hooked.  I wanted to paint; I wanted to show the world the ideas in my head.  Pencil and paper just didn’t do it for me anymore.

In 2005 my wife bought me a Suzuki sport bike before we married, shortly after a friend of mine had an accident with it. With him not being able to replace the damaged parts, I again had the ability to display my passion again.  This sparked a new journey in my life, little did I know how big or how wild this journey would be.  One thing led to another with the repair of this bike.  In February of 2006 I attended an 8 hour seminar on how to airbrush taught by Miki Harris. That’s when I realized there was a way to really display my art in a way that I never thought I could.  I then understood how the amazing lowriders I had seen in the magazines got to be the way they were.  I thought to myself, “GAME ON!”

I soon found myself wanting to take class after class after class.  My wife and I drove out to Salt Lake City, Utah to attend a 3 day class on airbrushing alone.  The class was being taught by 16 of the Nation’s top and most recognized airbrush artist in the industry.  People such as: Craig Fraser, Steve Vandeman, Mike Lavallee, Fonzy, Chris Bones Tolson, Jason Doll, Paul Quinn, OG Abel, Steve Driscoll, Bob Soroka, and many more (to this day I am still mentored by these great artists in addition to many more).  The knowledge gained from this class opened up so much more ability in my life.  Soon after taking this class I took on my first actual customer, a customer who soon became a family friend and a loyal supporter. He brought me a 1998 Harley Davidson Soft tail, with a request of blue true fire over a black.  I rocked it.  That’s when KCL Creations was created.

Since this, KCL Creations has grown mainly by word of mouth.  I was limited to my abilities of what I could do and what I could take in considering it was a hobby; something to do in the nights and weekends to help bring in a little extra money on the side.  Even though my wife and I tried to keep it small, like any good thing, it’s soon to grow.  We ended up out growing our small 2 car garage at our town house, forcing us to stop or move.  We relocated to the other side of town where I could work in a bigger 32’x32’ detached pull barn.  With this relocation came the ability to take on bigger projects, with those bigger projects came a need for help.  I then teamed up with two other local guys who still to this day will help me at times.  Both Tim Welker and Charles Crews not only helped me to do a custom job, but also taught me more and helped me advance more into the industry. 

In September of 2009 with the crash of the economy I soon lost my job as a draftsman.  With no choice but to jump in with both feet, it was time to sink or swim.  This year marking my 4th year in actual business, it hasn’t been an easy adventure, but to this day KCL Creations is still a growing and a thriving business.  Currently doing work for multiple motorcycle shops, body shops, custom shops, other paint shops and individuals.  Offering services such as motorcycle collision paint repair, motorcycle custom painting, airbrushing (murals or graphical) and paintless dent repair on cars, trucks and motorcycles.   With each job I push myself to outdo the one before, making each job a true custom even if it is just a simple solid color or accident repair.   Each job is a reflection of ME; with that it is my job to put my heart and soul into everything I touch.  Even if it is just a solid color paint scheme or just pushing a simple hail dent or door ding out of a panel.  KCL Creations has been and still is on and amazing journey, with the support of my family, friends, customers and other shops/vendors.  I look forward to many more years and many more great things to be created in my shop.


 KCL Creations, LLC. is based out of Wentzville, Missouri.

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